Ability Superstore – Cuscino lombare originale “McKenzie”, forma a D

Product Features

  • Il rotolo D-Shape è realizzato in schiuma ad alta densità e pertanto piuttosto rigido
  • E 'consigliato per l'uso in arredamento come divani e sedie a sdraio
  • Viene fornito con una cinghia elastica regolabile, per consentirgli di essere montato su una vasta gamma di sedie
  • Ideale per chi trascorre lunghe ore in posizione seduta, se guida o sta spesso seduto ad una scrivania
  • Fornisce sollievo per le persone che soffrono di dolori al collo e mal di schiena, difficoltà posturali, dolore alla spalla quando si lavora al computer
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Product Description

The Original McKenzie D-Shape Lumbar Roll was designed by world-renowned physiotherapist Robin McKenzie as part of the McKenzie Lumbar Roll range. When used correctly, this versatile back support cushion can prevent and help to alleviate neck and back pain caused by poor posture. Made to the highest quality and specification, this authentic lumbar roll is recommended for use on soft furnishings such as sofas and lounge chairs. It is also ideal for use in the home, office or car for people who require lots of support, such as those with a heavier build or those with a large hollow in their lower back.The Original McKenzie D-Shape Lumbar Roll back support cushion promotes normal alignment of the lower back when sitting. The human spine naturally forms an S shape, with the spine curving forwards at the lower back, outwards at the middle back and forwards again at the neck. When we sit we have a tendency to slump, meaning the lumbar spine drops backwards, reversing its natural curve. In this slumped position the muscles at the bottom of the back are stretched, often leading to back and neck pain. The Original McKenzie D-Shape Lumbar Roll can help to prevent and relieve this discomfort by promoting correct posture and the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine.The Original McKenzie D-Shape Lumbar Roll has a flat back and so can sit comfortably against a chair. The roll is positioned at just above waistband level when sitting, to stimulate you to maintain a better sitting posture. The roll is D-Shaped so the flat back side sits flush to the chair and the curved side mimics the contour of the lumbar spine. Held in place by an elastic strap, the roll is easy and quick to fit to most chairs, so you can move it without difficulty from office to car to dining chair as often as you need.

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